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Hell Collection

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Welcome to the third collection – Hell terrified and enraptured people with its journey through the lands of the dead. After all, wandering through bleak environments and simply talking to suffering people doesn't sound like an interesting hobby. Regardless, each Illustration is minutely detailed with touches seemingly pulled from the Canvas. ​ Discover life on hell, relationships, which may become someone becomes a personal hell.  Realm, divided from the land of the living by a terrible river, a house of dust where the dead dwell without distinction of rank or merit.

#2 Rena Monsters  – 2806 Editions
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Maximum Editions: 2 806    Minting Price: 0.077 ETH   Unique Combos: 3 778K    Collection Characters: 15    Legendary Edition: 7

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We launched Rena Monsters Blueprint to raise funds. Funds will be donated to Nova Ukraine a registered non-profit dedicated to providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine, currently providing emergency resources to civilians impacted by the war.  Donated $15, 205 (4.4352 ETH) We launched "Rena Monsters" Blueprint to raise funds for Ukrainian civilian organizations that are working to aid civilians impacted by the Russian invasion. We are here to support the Ukrainian people because I’m against this war. We want peace. — I Am Not Running From My Home. Stand with Ukraine 🇺🇦

#1 The Dynasty – 200 Editions

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Welcome. Here's what you need to know Inspired by generative art and traditional portraits art illustrates transforming into metaverse collections in digital contemporary light vs layered generative visual loops. The Gorgeous Queen is a true challenger among us. There’s something enthralling about her, perhaps it’s a feeling of delight or maybe it’s simply a sense of coldness. The Great King reveals a strong, cheerful face. Gentle black eyes watch slowly over the country they've looked after for so long, aching memories of his unadventurous love and past. Wanna pick a new mood? Discover Sargas Queen and her husband Pollux King the Polydeuces Dynasty. Generative portrait collections of 2, 600 000 possible combinations of unique NFTs Editions. Based on properties and rarities of layers and styles. Each collection has its physical reflection and creative history as digital illustration.

Maximum Editions: 200    Minting Price: 0.077 ETH   Unique Combos: 3 650K    Collection Characters: 2    Legendary Edition: 8