About Us

The Dynasty is a collection of 200 generative Kings n' Queens with hundreds of elements inspired by self-portraits and digital art on the Ethereum blockchain – SOLD OUT on Async Art. Each artwork is based on an original sketch and hand-drawn Illustration by Rena Kuk. The generative project with its own color palette and illustrations style with over 2 Million total possible combinations limited with 200 Editions.

Our mission is to expand the representation of the traditional artists in NFT design and to uncover, by creating a space for audiences to deeply reflect on themselves and their meta world. 

Inspired by generative art and traditional portraits art illustrates transforming to metaverse collections in a digital contemporary light. You have a chance to discover unique digital art style characters, created by a custom generative algorithm with legendary rare items inside of each Edition.

Each Artwork is minted as an NFT and comes as limited Editions. Scarcity makes them extremely valuable. 
Traditional artists in NFT design and uncover, by creating a space for audiences to deeply reflect on themselves and their meta world. 

Portrait collections are divided into multiple sections and types with their own history and rarity and are generated from a single source. each of them is a layered rare and unique combination. Which collection are you going to join?


Our Inspiration

Self Portrait transitions

Since the 15th century, artists have commonly used self-portraits as a form of self-expression. What is a self-portrait? 
Rena Kuk explores people’s philosophy, portrait creative dynamic balance, and empathy through rarity and layered generative visual loops. Unique digital art based on physical paintings exploring the complexity of human's intimate relationships and self-reflection.

With the foundation of a person's quality, we aim to use these important aspects to design. This has later translated into some of my artworks. Reflect on cultural and personal experience. 

The Generation Process

My Portraits collections were my first successful attempt to communicate the philosophy to understand the way I see the world as an artist. For owners, it is an opportunity to own a unique NFT Edition with its own rarity traits. 

Order and chaos, simplicity and complexity, the golden align composition and the generative, aren’t necessarily at opposite ends of a spectrum, Fresh, bold, and colorful editions lived on Etherium Blockchain.​ The creative dynamic balance between physical works, sketches, digital illustrations by Rena Kuk.

Blueprints Cover page 1.png

#1 The Dynasty Blueprint Collection – Sold Out

Maximum Editions: 200    Minting Price: 0.077 ETH   Unique Combos: 3 650K    Collection Characters: 2    Legendary Edition: 8

Generative portrait collections of 1000 to 2, 600 000 possible combinations of unique NFTs Editions. Based on properties and rarities of layers and styles. Each collection has its physical reflection and creative history as digital illustration, conceptual sketches, paintings on canvas, or 3D models in VR. You can mint your own Rare Edition Today! 

#2 Rena Monsters Blueprint Collection – Public Sale Live

Maximum Editions: 2 806    Minting Price: 0.077 ETH   Unique Combos: 3 778K    Collection Characters: 15    Legendary Edition: 7

We launched Rena Monsters Blueprint to raise funds. Funds will be donated to Nova Ukraine a registered non-profit dedicated to providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine, currently providing emergency resources to civilians impacted by the war. In partnership, Async Art is waiving platform fees. #Stand with Ukraine together!