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Music ♪ Generative Collection

Presale reserved for our holders, receive early access to our future Music Blueprint Humans ♪ Series The Humans – first music generative collection project by Rena Kuk with more than 10 million Unique Combos. Generative audiovisual project with layered audio tracks that blend the unique art styles of 7 Characters: Thanos, Drum King, Flora, RanSZ, Don Quixote, Mr. Oswald, and Dragon Dude. This project includes 3 consecutive series of Music Blueprints, each of which will contain 7 unique musical characters, with a set of visual properties and a personal piece of music samples. The project has more than 9 million unique combinations and 7 Unique Animated Legendaries. There are so many little details to explore, which is what makes listening to these editions again and again so rewarding.

Recently Minted Editions

Artwork is minted as an NFT and comes as a Limited
1/1 Editions, which makes them extremely valuable.
Wanna pick a new mood?

Meet Humans ♪ – Music Blueprint

Maximum Editions: 70    Minting Price: 0.03 ETH   Unique Combos: 10 million    Characters: 7   Legendary Editions: 7

Built with Async Blueprints

Immerse yourself in the story with 360° 
VR experiences

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Upcoming  Editions

Humanitarian aid to Ukraine via NovaUkraine

3 778 396 Unique Combo Counts     |    2806 Maximum Editions    |    15 Character Types